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Website Updates September 2015

Website Updates September 2015

Some Notes on my Websites

AwN | I am a bit of a perfectionist, and that is not to say I have ever done anything perfect. But I can obsess over minutia if it is something that I want to be perfect, like art. In my life when I have done art I have almost always been highly critical of it. I consider my website to be art and therefore I am constantly balancing my right and left brain. I love quirk, and yet this is not a poem people will be reading for hundreds of years, it is a website, one which people need to understand and navigate in the now. 

So that being said, as you can see I have changed my template. The old one had too much of a simpsons vibe so I am going with this sleeker one for now, this is the same style I am using on my main site

As for the mainsite it is lagging behind right now, usually I can only muster the energy to work one at a time. But as I get this site down to its essence it does free up more time. Then I go and radically change the style and need to rework everything. But hey, its my current art form of leisure (other than photography).

I have cleaned up some of the link titles so hopefully the site is easier to navigate. I am constantly experimenting so please bear with me if you see something weird or I break something. 

Quick and Decisive Action

Today was an odd day for me. I was woken by my girlfriend informing me my dog sounded like he was dying. Lo and behold he was choking slowly but surely. After observing for a while I decided to implement the heimlich and it actually worked. It was a very emotional experience having spent over a decade with him. I have been everywhere with my dog, for so many months as a my only friend, for so many years. I know he is old and doesn't have forever left anymore, but I am so happy that he gets to remain a little longer.

I think often about strange things and today reminded me one of the most important lessons there is for a living being. The most important thing I know is that decisive, quick, and extreme action is paramount when it comes to survival. Picture a child running towards a cliff, you don't merely stick out your arm to save the child, you swat the child with all of your force towards the land. This mechanism is similar to fight or flight but it is different. 

When something is going wrong you need to apply more force than 'might work' in the opposite direction. Should you fight a deadly threat you do not fight with a push but a kick to the throat, and should you flee you do not do so slowly, you don't even run, you go beyond anything you have ever done before. Contrary to the horror movie, you do not leave the psycho killer half dead on the floor, you just don't. I hope you take this to heaart and keep it in your brain, when you know it you know it. Assess the situation accurately, make your decision and do it, not like you might do anything else, but better, faster, smarter, and stronger. Knowing this may have saved my dogs life today. and I am positive it has saved countless beings in history. We are inhibited beings; we have mostly cast off our extreme nature, and it costs us if we can't pick it back up. Do not be afraid to act extreme in an extreme circumstance. Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.


I also got a nice wild grape harvest today. I love the flavor of my very variable wild grapes. All the plants taste different. The problem is the seeds. I am considering still how to preserve them. Usually I just dehydrate things but since the grapes are seeded dehyration doesn't help me to consume them really. I am considering making wine, freezing, or making jam. I also have to process my autumn berries (autumn olives). Another seeded adventure. But who can pass up free lycopene? 


Image is a drawing I did many years ago. I gave it away to a female at some point and last I saw it it was crumpled up on the floor. It wasn't drawn for her anyway

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