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Sign Petition For Cougars in Utah

Sign Petition For Cougars in Utah

AwN | I am not really against hunting, even though I myself don't eat any land animals, or hardly any fish. I believe hunting has its place, but in the modern era I think people need to take care to not frivilously hunt predators. Humans have impacted the life cycle of predators so thoroughly, and in many places prey have been allowed to have population booms. This causes many ecological problems. Likewise I do not believe trophy hunting is ever justified in and of itself. 

Update: I received a comment challenging the protection of the cougar. One person pointed out that hunters are not supposed to take females but the large male. I find this often in hunting and its considered noble, but is pretty appaling. Humans are the only species that attacks the large male, and only because he has enormous fire power and the animal has little chance. Proper hunting is to take the weakest link, that is in Accord with Nature. Also before you sign the petition please consider that cougars can and do occasionally prey on humans. By protecting them you must acknowledge that potentiality. 

Sign the petition here to protect cougars in Utah.

Utah: Don't Allow Nearly 500 Cougars to be Killed for Trophies

"The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources just gave a huge gift to trophy hunters seeking to kill a cougar. They voted to allow an INCREASE in the permitted death-toll, ignoring the science presented by the conservation community which argued for a 25% decrease in past permits.

While the best science calls for less killings, they disregard the fact that many kittens will be left to starve because their mothers will have been killed, or that juvenile cougars will grow up without learning proper hunting behavior, which may actually increase livestock and pet predation by cougars.  

The new cougar “management plan” locks in hunting levels that the Humane Society argues is nearly twice the sustainable rate. 

Sign the petition and tell the Governor and the Director of the Division of Wildlife that the world isn’t just concerned about Cecil and trophy hunting in Africa. Let them know you are opposed to ANY management that prioritizes killing big cats instead of protecting stable and sustainable wildlife populations!"

Sign the petition here to protect cougars in Utah.

Read more about the decision here."

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