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Prince Ea Stands for Trees, Do You?

Prince Ea Stands for Trees, Do You?

Accord with Nature Stands for Trees!

AwN | I am always on the lookout for actionable ways to protect the earth. I am a bigtime believer that people have the power to save the earth with personal actions, but it is not all that we can do. There are uses for money that can also help immensely. It is my belief that people need to lessen their burden on the earth so that they do not cause destruction while perpetually fulfilling their needs. But for many people who cannot physically, emotionally, or economically, remodel their life so that they don't destroy the earth, sometimes the simple act of giving to a cause has a higher value than anything else that can be done. I have written the past about 'effective altruism' and I think it is a very important topic. If we wish to give money, but then give it in a less than useful way, we have at best not really helped, and at worst we could be contributing to the destruction of the planet. On the other hand some charities are so useful that giving to them can actually have a positive effect. It seems to me that this charity has that kind of positive potential.

I ran across this video by an artist named Prince Ea (Dear Future, Sorry) and at the end he plugs a charity called Stand with Trees. The goal of the charity is to "halt deforestation and combat climate change." The charity works by the purchase of carbon credits sold by the ton (tonne). What if instead of all the environmentally disasterous Christmas gifts people will buy this year, instead people bought these as gifts? The exact purpose of selling it as a carbon credit is perhaps marketing, but the purpose remains that they are empowering local communities to not cut down their forest. This is how Stand for Trees explains the usage of the fund: 

"Your Stand For Trees Certificate purchase keeps one tonne of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by supporting local and indigenous communities who are protecting that forest in a developing country.

You are paying for the critical service that communities provide by protecting one of the world's last remaining forests. Your payment provides new opportunities for communities that do not wish to choose between alleviating poverty or protecting their forest. In short, your Stand For Trees purchase empowers them to do both.

Your money finances conservation-oriented community development, including new schools, healthcare, water access, green infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, clean cook-stoves, and more. It also finances the ongoing project management, training and employment of local people to use modern technology for monitoring and verification of the forest's carbon stock. Stand For Trees Certificates are certified to the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standards as providing transparent benefits to the communities in which they work, helping establish conservation-oriented activities as a viable economic alternative to deforestation in impoverished forest communities."





Image Source: Stand for Trees

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