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Zika, GMOsquitoes, and Tdap Vaccine | Theories and Facts

Zika, GMOsquitoes, and Tdap Vaccine | Theories and Facts

Zika, Vaccines, and Microcephaly

The zika-virus story is catching public attention with its recent excursion into the United States. Now having been identified in at least 13 states, including several northern states, though the transmission of zika has not yet happened in those states. The symptoms of zika are a little misleading because generally the course of the illness is similar to a cold, (aka not a big deal). While it certainly seems as if there is a lot of fear mongering going on surrounding zika, it does have one major risk associated with it, and that is, supposedly, microcephaly. Microcephaly has stricken Brazil over the last year and it's indication (small head/brain) in infants does have a correlation with the zika virus, though causation and even association have not been entirely forthcoming.

On the other hand there is also a correlation with far more literature behind it that is not really being reported on. The Tdap vaccination was recently added to the schedule for pregnant women. Vaccines all have side effects, and there have been cases throughout their history where they have been downright destructive, in fact far more commonly than most people know. 

Let's start with the zika theories and facts and see if I can't tie it all together for you in one big, what the hell is going on? story. 

From Harmless Mosquito Flu to Major Epidemic?

The mosquito, aedes aegypti, which also transmits dengue fever was recently targeted by a company called Oxitec in, what they claimed to be, an attempt to eradicate dengue fever. With a 19.7 million dollar grant in their pocket they released the genetically modified mosquitoes upon the Caribbean Island of the Grand Cayman in the fall of 2009

Science Mag (2010) | "Scientists have long debated how and when to carry out the first test release of transgenic mosquitoes designed to fight human disease—a landmark study they imagined might trigger fierce resistance from opponents of genetic engineering. A stream of papers and reports has argued that a release of any genetically modified mosquito should be preceded by years of careful groundwork, including an exhaustive public debate to win the hearts and minds of the local population. But little of that has been done in the trial in the Cayman Islands, Alphey says because the government didn't deem it necessary.

But that lack of a public debate doesn't sit well with the collaborators in a big international project, in which Oxitec is a key member, to develop and test GM mosquitoes." 

As recently as July, 2015 scientists were declaring the experiment a success. The claim they made was that the aedes aegypti population had been reduced by 95%. 

Genetic Literacy Project | The results of the trial showed that the numbers of the mosquito (Aedes aegypti) that spreads dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and zika virus were reduced by more than 90 percent.

The study, which took place in the Itaberaba neighborhood of Juazeiro city in Bahia State, was led by the University of São Paulo and Moscamed, a company that specializes in environmentally friendly pest control. The treatment area included a population of approximately 1,800 people.

So then we must ask, what is the likelihood of a outbreak of zika virus if the Oxitec's assertion of 90-95% reduction of the mosquito is true. Even if the release of mosquitoes thus far were only a trial, they have been releasing mosquitoes in Brazil since 2011. It certainly sparks interest to wonder what is at work here. Why were trials of releasing GMO insects into the environment initially hidden, why does Oxitec claim a sort of victory over dengue at the same time an outbreak is beginning associated with the very same mosquito they have been tampering with. 

Zika and The Gates Foundation Connection

While at first blush it would be easy enough to scream conspiracy, there are other explanations, and not all better. First let's do the conspiracy theory. That is the theory that there are people who have spoken with each other, and made the decision to do something in secret. As the Genetic Literacy Project points out, this is exactly what happened at the start. The original trial on the Grand Cayman island was secretive. Of course their reason for this was probably to not experience any backlash, and while that implies there would be backlash, it does not mean that there is a reason for it.

If we look at the idea of releasing genetically modified mosquitoes with 'kill switches' that implant genes from the non-biting males into females (via offspring), in an attempt to reduce population size, we will find that it is in direct opposition to an Accord with Nature. Not only is a 'kill switch' directly opposed to the idea of a survival instinct, genetic manipulation is not natural, it is entirely human. And so I can in no way endorse such a notion, but people are free to decide for themselves. What I am more interested in is making sure that the facts are understood as they are created, or at least presented, and the fact is that the company, Oxitec, secretly, along with the government of the Grand Cayman conspired to experiment on a population with genetically modified mosquitoes. Understand that statement as it is written...

When it comes to health, people get up in arms rather quick. They are quick to dismiss and quick to accept what already fits with their natural predispositions. I am a naturalist, other people are allopaths, other people believe what they are told, and some believe nothing they are told by anyone with authority. When we peruse the internet we tend to find people that confirm what it is we already believe and it can be a major problem to overcome if we wish for the truth. So proceed with caution when investigating any issue, but particularly those that are health related (politics and religion for another day).


Now let's also consider for a minute, that the argument has so been aligned that the majority of people are meant to fall into two camps. (And this is how public manipulation in a democracy works; first the propagandist identified a polarity or dichotomy, and then releases proof of both sides of that dichotomy, ignoring the truth.) So first off you have your main stream media types who have already accepted the 'pandemic' on its face and only consider it as the rise of a new,  or more powerful disease/strain irrespective of the human condition and its interactions with the world. The other group of people are those who question everything by mainstream media, and they are being fed the idea of the big bad GMO mosquito causing this uptick in microcephaly/zika which people are being led to believe are synonymous. In both of these angles people are led to believe that without a doubt the source of the microcephaly is the mosquito, GM mosquito or not.

Since May, 2014 pregnant women in Brazil have had Tdap as part of their vaccination schedule. Anyone who has taken the time to read vaccine inserts realizes that they can be associated with all sorts of nasty ailments. It is certainly possible that the storyline is so emphatic so as to raise the emotional level to the point that people will not accept that it was a vaccine related problem, because of the simple fact that issue will be foreign by the time it finally reaches anyone. 

This theory jives with the fact that many babies tested have shown they they were not infected with zika. Remain vigilant; sometimes both angles are merely a ploy to hide the truth. Consider why this correlation is not nearly as widely talked about as the rise in a cold called zika.

TVR |According to GSK, neither the safety nor effectiveness of Boostrix have been established in pregnant women. The package insert for Boostrix reads:

A developmental toxicity study has been performed in female rats at a dose approximately 40 times the human dose (on a mL/kg basis) and revealed no evidence of harm to the fetus due to BOOSTRIX. Animal fertility studies have not been conducted with BOOSTRIX. There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, BOOSTRIX should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.

Despite this cautionary information, the Brazilian government has been vaccinating tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pregnant women in its country during the past year. A large portion of these pregnancies are occurring in Brazil’s northeastern region, notably in the state of Pernambuco—the country’s fastest growing population center.

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Now Back to your Regularly Scheduled MainStream Conspiracy Angle

Now if I may continue with the straight line conspiracy angle, which we have already proven through basic logic, was a conspiracy (and feel free to examine the source and look for others, I am all ears.) With microcephaly up to over 3,800 cases from 160 there is clearly something different than before. When the legions of interested people began looking and found the Bill Gates connection it soon became easy to see a motive for the rise in zika. There has been much conjecture (amongst the wolves online) involving Bill Gates and several of his comments on the population of the earth. If he did want to depopulate the earth, for the whatever purpose, one way to do that would be to frighten people into not having children. Since the only major threat of zika seems to be (READ maybe, could be, or possibly) microcephaly of newborns from mothers carrying zika, it would be easy to see why mothers might be tentative to have children. Likewise if we consider the recent steps taken by governments to remove the rights of citizens to make choices about medical procedures (READ vaccinations), it is not hard to envision laws restricting births to only those who are not infected with zika. 

Daily Mail | And short of not getting pregnant, there is no foolproof method for avoiding risk.

Mr Castro said last week that the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which carries Zika and also dengue fever and the chikungunya virus, was gaining momentum. 

Other potential reasons outside of the above theory, to be concerned about zika is that it could just be a natural process taking place that mankind has not anticipated. The ('supposed') reduction of the aedes aegypti could have possibly led to the rise of the tiger mosquito, aedes albopictus. This kind of problem happens all the time when humanity attempts to influence its environment. By reducing one species we always allow other species to come in and take its place, that is virtually a rule for a living planet.

QZ | There are two types of Aedes mosquito capable of transmitting the virus. In most cases, Zika spreads through the Aedes aegypti mosquito—the same mosquito that spreads Dengue fever, the Chikungunya virus, and yellow fever. However, a cousin of the aegypti mosquito, called Aedes albopictus, can also pass along the disease.

If albopictus mosquitoes carry more Zika more efficiently than aegypti, the virus could reach a much broader range than their current tropical region, says Peter Armbruster, a biologist at Georgetown University studying the species of mosquito. At present albopictus isn’t the primary disease vector for Zika, but it could become one if the virus mutates like other viruses have done in the past. 

We started with a mosquito designed to breed and pass on infertility genres, and what we have reaped is mothers giving life to highly disabled children. It is certainly a curious coincidence.

If a rise in the microcephaly is associated with the zika virus, transmitted by the mosquitoes listed above, or others, we have to ask ourselves, why is it a problem now. What has changed that is making people more susceptible to the zika virus. This of course is a complicated question. However, I will say that one of the few ideas that comes to mind is the potential for genetic hybridization producing a new disease (virus extremely similar to zika) in response to a genetically new host. If this form of zika is more dangerous than the previous version it would speak volumes to further reduction of the use of genetically modified organisms. Likewise, could the virus be exploiting a weakness in pregnant mothers exposed by an increased vaccine schedule or particular vaccine. Human's are woefully bad at guessing unintended consequences and allowing science to progress so much faster than reason is a dangerous game. We can be sure though that this conclusion, if true will be only disclosed with great struggle.

TruthOut | In a document titled Genetically Modified Insects, the UK Parliament's Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology said this:

... environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace suggest that GM insects could have unintended and wide ranging impacts on the environment and human health due to the complexity of ecosystems and the high number of unknown factors, making risk assessment difficult. They have raised several concerns about the release of GM insects:

1. New insects or diseases may fill the ecological niche left by the insects suppressed or replaced, possibly resulting in new public health or agricultural problems.

2. The new genes engineered into the insects may "jump" into other species, a process called horizontal transfer, causing unintended consequences to the ecosystem.

3. Releases would be impossible to monitor and irreversible, as would any damage done to the environment.

Evil or Stupidity?

So what are we left with? Two mosquitoes one of which commonly transmits zika, while the other ranges far and wide while transmitting zika less effectively. The common transmitter of zika was claimed to be decimated by the corporation Oxitec from releasing a bunch of experimental mosquitoes on people in various places now associated with the outbreak. They are funded in part by Bill Gates who speaks often are reducing population through the use of vaccines and contraception. Instead of having a decimated population of aedes aegypti, we have a resurgence of aedes aegypti which is promoting birth defects for which the safest course of action is to not have children. But of course we are reading too much into it. Instead, what seems to be evil is probably just stupidity, right?

Luckily that is the end of it, humans will release no more GMO organisms into the environment and the zika natural disease or experimental bioweapon will be a thing of the past. There is no vaccine for it yet, so what else could the conspiracy "nut" have to scream about?

RT | In an effort to curb the spread of the Zika virus, a UK-based company has partnered up with Brazilian authorities to introduce genetically modified sterile mosquitoes into the wild to reduce the population and the threat of the virus spreading to humans.

The Zika virus is spread to people through aedes aegypti mosquito bites. Once contracted the illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days to a week. The most common symptoms of Zika virus are disease are a fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis.

Wait, did you really just read that? Do you not here the Twilight Zone music playing in your ears reminding you this universe is a shadow? Since 2011, Oxitec has been releasing an insect in Brazil that is now (allegedly) causing massive damage, and is now actually being asked to do it again as if nothing could go wrong or get worse? Welcome to planet earth.

Is the idea that a 'resurgence of aedes aegypti' reflects the overwhelming success of the 'reduce aedes aegypti' campaign (2011-2016)? 

We can only speculate as to whether there is something stupid, or evil, at work here because we don't know the intentions of these people without access to their private conversations. There are several plausible reasons for their actions, ranging from simply corporate profiteering associated with bad governmental decision making, to the full implementation of the zika plan. 

Loopy Cayman | Last year, the company announced plans to build a mosquito production facility in Piracicaba, Brazil it is expected to help 300,000 residents.

Theory of the Foreign Scourge: World Cup Edition

There are other ideas about where the virus could have come from, or why it is suddenly more rampant. This theory focuses on Brazil having become a mecca for sports fans in 2014 during the world cup. It is certainly possible that the influx of people coming from all over the world to see the World Cup of Soccer brought with them the zika strain causing trouble. Yet we must think, if that is the case then why did it not show up well in advance in other countries, (namely French Polynesia and concurrent travel associations)?

Then we must extend our search to French Polynesia:

Government Report | Field trials of genetic control methods known to the authors are:

2009–2010 Cayman Islands: males of a RIDL strain of Ae. aegypti, OX513A,43 were shown to be able to compete successfully for mates with wild mosquitoes;58 sustained release of these ‘sterile’ males led to strong suppression of the target wild population.57

2010 Malaysia: OX513A males were shown to have similar longevity and maximum dispersal to an unmodified comparator.122

2010 French Polynesia: sustained release of Ae. polynesiensis males infected with a Wolbachia strain from Ae. riversi7 for IIT trial.8,123

2011–present: Brazil: sustained release of OX513A males led to strong suppression of a target wild population.d

2011–present Australia: release of wMel-infected male and female Ae. aegypti led to the invasion and establishment of wMel Wolbachia in two target wild populations;53 releases underway in three further areas.

Australia: release of wMelPop-infected male and female Ae. aegypti undertaken in two target areas; present status unknown

2013–present Vietnam: release of wMelPop-infected male and female Ae. aegypti on an island.5

And here you have an early study of the recent outbreak in French Polynesia:

EuroSurveillance | Discussion and conclusion

During this ongoing Zika fever outbreak in French Polynesia, we report the first case of GBS developing seven days after an influenza-like illness evoking ZIKA infection. Based on IgM/IgG serological results and PNRT which, according to our experience, is reliable and specific enough to differentiate a recent ZIKA infection from cross-reactions due to former infections to DENV, we believe that this is the first case of hospitalisation because of a severe ZIKA infection.

Since the beginning of this epidemic, and as up to 8,200 cases of ZIKA infection have already been reported of a 268,000 total population, the incidence of GBS has been multiplied by 20 in French Polynesia (data not shown), raising the assumption of a potential implication of ZIKA.

Underlying physiopathological mechanisms of Zika-related GBS is unknown, and could be of immunological origin as described with other infectious agents [18]. There is also no explanation for the emergence of this previously undescribed complication, which could lie in a genetic evolution of the virus to a more pathogenic genotype, or a particular susceptibility in the Polynesian population.

As suggested by DENV and ZIKA serological tests in our patient, the simultaneous epidemics of type 1 and 3 dengue fever may also be a predisposing factor for developing GBS during Zika fever, as DENV infection had also been associated with GBS [19,20]. Our patient, like part of others who also presented a GBS, harboured serological markers of resolute dengue and recent ZIKA infections. This raises the hypothesis of a sequential arboviral immune stimulation responsible for such unusual clustering of GBS cases during concurrent circulation of ZIKA and two dengue serotypes. The risk of developing GBS would be consequently underlain by a specific sequence of DENV and ZIKA infections.

Therefore in endemic areas, clinician should be aware of the risk of diffuse demyelinating disorder in case of ZIKA infection.

Are the French Polynesian outbreak and the Brazilian outbreak connected? We know that it is a fact that Oxitec has released live genetically manipulated mosquitoes in both places. We also know that people generally travel internationally, and there was a major sporting event interesting to people from all over the world recently as well.

You can look into this as deeply as you want, and use your wonderful human brain to decide on what you already believe in or you can just look at it for what it is.

It would be awful to stand in the way of progress if the mosquito manipulation program has efficacy and lacks drawbacks. However, it seems quite obvious that humans have no idea what will happen if they continue to experiment in this realm. Releasing living organisms with viable bodies and mutated genes is a recipe for disaster. It seems as if the public is not being given the information above, and will likely consider "Oxitec's new and exciting" solution to the insect problem. Yet there is little chance they will eradicate all the mosquitoes and it won't take very many to rebuild the population, and the virus will survive with them in its own mutated form. Who knows what they will happen along the way of these mutations, and what awful new viruses will come about from our hubris. 

When you factor in that these formerly pregnant women (and fetuses) have been administered a vaccine that they were not given prior, it seems that the mainstream storyline has lost considerable steam and that one or both of these issues presented here carry considerable weight. If it was a contaminant or experiment on these women it will be easy enough to sweep under the rug so forced vaccination will remain democratically available for the next round. It is up for regular people to demand truth and expose the lies; I only hope that those in charge of the policy, those who fund the mad science, and those who conduct the experiments have their hearts and heads in the same place, or we all could be in for a world of hurt.

I have left some of the dots unconnected, because connecting them would be overkill. There is a lot you can extrapolate out from what I have written and cited here and I hope you will take the time to decide for yourself and remain open to new information as it unfolds.

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"Microcephaly" by Unknown - (2004) Evolutionary History of a Gene Controlling Brain Size. PLoS Biol 2(5): e134. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0020134. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons.

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