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Wastewater Injection Causes Earthquakes | Yet Again

Wastewater Injection Causes Earthquakes | Yet Again

Wastewater Injection Causes Earthquakes | Yet Again

AwN | This is really nothing new. I learned about it several years ago in college. It was about the military in Colorado injecting wastewater into the earth and causing an enormous increase in earthquakes. And yet time and time again businesses, and governments do this and cause earthquakes. Of course this is Einstein's definition of insanity. In Oklahoma however there is one of the largest crude oil storage facilities in the world. What would happen if an earthquake destroyed it? Hey! Lets find out! Sometimes it is hard to believe that humankind fashions itself as the most intelligent animal.

Fracking Increases Oklahoma Earthquakes from Two a Year to Two a Day

"Scientists have identified that the injection of wastewater byproducts into deep underground disposal wells from fracking operations are very likely triggering the major increase of seismic activity in the central U.S. state.

Oklahoma, which is not near any major fault lines, has felt 585 earthquakes that were a 3.0-magnitude or greater in 2014—three times the 180 quakes felt by California last year, the AFP reported. Last month alone, Oklahoma experienced more than 600 quakes that could shake homes and cars, with the town of Crescent hit hardest with a 4.5 whammy, the AFP said."

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