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The Growing Radicalization

The Growing Radicalization

The Radicalization of America

It seems to me there is somewhat of a fervor whipping up in America. It is a common flaw however for humans to over emphasize the modern predicament, and ascribe to it more meaning and intrigue than other points of history, all the while the reality is just that the earth is an intense and dangerous place when analyzed deeply. This is the kind of human error that is easily manipulatable by the global warming pundits. Its very easy and usually absurd to claim that each and every disaster is in some way more powerful than it could have ever been without global warming. Usually the anecdotal stupidity of those pundits is eventually overruled by some scientists who say its absurd to claim such and such disaster is because of global warming. This is a problem when analyzing our life and times. It is not always easy to decipher whether things are growing worse, better, or simply staying the same. So I offer the following with a touch of terpidation that I could be promoting the fear of radicalization when things are actually status quo. On the contrary though my hope is that people just relax and learn to be bipartisan and work with eachother.

That being said, it does seem to me that this country is getting to the point where differences are becoming so irreconcilable that both sides (remember, only two sides are allowed) are venturing further and further into extremism. Abroad, America has been fighting endless wars in countries that now have enormous populations of displaced people. These people are starting to join organizations en masse that were (in a way at least) the original source of the now ceaseless war. If the goal of the 'war on terror' was an invisible enemy that could be fought for ever, then half the wish was achieved. Now that the chickens are coming home to roost, we find that we have our endless war to fill the coffers and garner political support for either party, but we also no longer have an invisible enemy. 

It is extremely unfortunate for the world that this enemy has chosen to identify itself as Muslim, but it is not really a surprise. Almost all sorts of damaging dangerous tyrannical political and apolitical insurgencies have an ideology that solidifies its base, and tricks the stupid. This ideology also usually doesn't have to be violent, but is thus interpreted that way for the purpose of that vengeful group. You can point to all sorts of atrocities by all sorts of groups and say "that group is evil and must be wiped off the face of the earth," but then you end up sounding just as stupid and hateful as that group. And yet it is that group which does pose a danger to you and yours, and does need to be recognized for what it is, in all its intricacy.

Just look at the two most viable candidates currently for the presidency, even if it is not likely (yet) that one wins. On the one hand you have Donald Trump who has a reasonable amount of economic intelligence, but on the other hand is driving his political base forward with hate and fear of people who are different. Then on the other hand you have rather socialist Bernie Sanders who while he spouts admirable ethical opinions, drives his base on the fear of radical America, and the horribleness of American economy.

I am not going to lecture you on the pluses and minuses of each candidate, but only try to point out that the problem of American radicalization is that on the other side of the American political dichotomy, people keep dismissing the thoughts, beliefs, and fears of the other. This is driven by the mainstream media, politicians, and the overall simplistic nature of national discussions. It is like a marriage where the couple consistently ignores the needs of each other, calls them crazy, and berates them in public for their stupidity. No good will come from this.

Consider the refugee issue and all of its intricacy. On the one hand the American military and operations of various organizations has destroyed many places in the middle east, and displaced many good people. These people need help, and it is often the 'west's' fault that they need help. To turn our back on them is not 'the christian thing to do'. Yet on the other hand, our bold headed stupidity, our selfishness, and greed, has caused an enormous amount of enemies in those countries, and those countries can never win a war against the US. Clearly recently their tactics have changed to infiltration and a form of guerilla warfare. To ignore this fact is awfully stupid. I don't want anyone to get hurt, ever. I didn't want their country destroyed, and I also don't want militants to infiltrate America. It seems odd that one side thinks 'refugees' should retain normal refugee status, at the same time they argue that Americans should be disarmed. And yet I also have to wonder why the most armed citizenry in the world is so worried. Is this not one of the reasons they are so adamant about retaining their guns?

I don't mean to ridicule either side in any way. Life is extraordinarily complex, we (almost) all want to be good ethical people, and we all want to protect our families and livelihoods. Dismissing and shouting down people on either side of the coin drives them further and further into their extremism and ensuing stupidity. People begin to feel the need to express their points ever more emphatically, in an attempt to subdue their opponents. 

I hope everyone reading this tries to understand that life will never be bubble-wrappable, and that ethics are complicated and slightly different for everyone, (or at least their interpretation is). Almost everything I read is venturing farther and farther from any sort of fair balance. The right is calling for the death of Muslims and the Left is calling for the death of the Right. Everyone is stupid in these dialogues... but I don't see it that way at all. I think people need to start thinking more closely about the hardship of others. Figure out why they see it the way they do. You don't have to agree with them, but in the end you will see them as humans trying to live their lives and make the best of it all in a reasonable fashion. You will be on the path to compromise and actually figuring out the best method to handle modern predicaments.

I want radicalization to stop. I want the Muslim countries to work for themselves to stop the rise of inquisition-like circumstances, and I want the US and Russia (and all the rest) to stop playing Chess with the middle east. I want people to stop identifying with groups and ideologies and start understanding reality in a holistic fashion. Nothing changes reality like the personal opinions of people, which seep into each other's brains on a constant basis. Grab hold of your life, take back your opinions from the media and advertising campaigns which only wish to sell you something, and make the world a better place by de-escalating the growing hate and fear.

I do not know where this moment in history truly ranks as far as dangerous potentialities. But I do know that is the best time to start subduing the hate. If it builds to a crescendo then there will be a major problem, not just for America, but for the entire world. It is not time to give up the things that make America great, and it is time to turn our back on war. That's it, that's all there is to it. America the country, and many of its ideals are awesome, but so many people wish to toss out those things currently because of fear. Life can be a scary thing because it is so valuable and yet fragile. We must turn our backs on people who wish to destroy life, and we must be very precise in the way we handle existing life. We must recognize the dangers in life, while not becoming obsessed with them. 


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