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The Annual Revisitation of American Stupidity

The Annual Revisitation of American Stupidity

Annual Bison Cull on Tap

Crticial Update on Bison Slaighter - 2/6/2016 - National Parks Service looking for comments on Bison Slaughter, ACT NOW Comment period closes Feb 15, 2016 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time

Give your heatfelt love for life and bison, but here are some stock comments you might want to consider, from Defenders of Wildlife:


  DOW |  Yellowstone National Park has one of the largest and most genetically important bison herds remaining;


    Many of these genetically important Yellowstone bison are shipped to slaughter due to pressure from livestock interests to reduce their numbers, without regard for their health status or their potential to start new conservation herds or grow existing herds outside the park;


    I support the park’s proposal to establish a relocation process that will test and relocate healthy bison to new sites, so that these genetically valuable bison will not be shipped to slaughter;


    I support this effort, along with a comprehensive program of bison conservation, that includes expanding habitat for bison outside of Yellowstone National Park, increasing the number of bison allowed to live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, eliminating the wasteful slaughtering of healthy animals, and supporting the efforts of North American tribes and others to grow satellite herds of genetically important bison, especially Yellowstone bison.


Update: Governor Grants Bison Year Round Habitat

AwN | With the snows coming it is time for America to revisit one of those many shameful times in its history and start talking numbers. How many Bison should be slaughtered this year to prevent a disease that Bison have never been proven to transmit. When the snows fall around Yellowstone the largest remaining herd of bison, currently around 5,000 total, is forced to come to lower elevations to find food and shelter. When they do so they run into angry ranchers who fear a sickness called Brucellosis which was originally imported to the United States from Europe via cattle.

This issue combines two of my least favorite facets of modern society, seemingly unwarranted medical assertions or actions, and the outright slaughter of anything even remotely difficult for humans. Bison are awesome animals that once had a population around 60 million, but are currently less than 500,000. The Yellowstone Bison attract millions of tourists and yet mankind's insistence on being a skunk with porcupine quills outright demands that a herd of 5,000 is too much, and that 1,000 need to be slaughtered for a strictly theoretical benefit. Sign the Petition

Stop the Needless Slaughter of Hundreds of Bison

Defenders | Yellowstone is home to the most important herd of wild bison in North America. Yet National Park officials recently announced plans to slaughter up to 1,000 of the herd during the winter months. Public outrage led to the plans being amended, but Yellowstone National Park and the State of Montana still plan to ship 600 or more bison to slaughter this winter, once again preventing the herd’s expansion and setting back bison restoration.

Bison are icons of the American West. Slaughtered by the millions a century ago, they were driven to the brink of extinction. Today, we have an opportunity to reverse this national wildlife tragedy. Tell Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk to stop the slaughter and let bison roam outside of Yellowstone National Park!

Tell Governor Steve Bullock and Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk to stop the slaughter and let bison roam outside of Yellowstone National Park!

Sign the Petitio

Yellowstone National Park Proposes Slaughtering 1,000 Wild Bison

EcoWatch | The annual cull is deeply controversial. Yellowstone bison are the last wild herd of bison in America with fewer than 5,000 left. The amount slaughtered varies from year to year, but a 1,000-bison slaughter would be the largest cull since the winter of 2007-2008, when more than 1,600 were killed.

The cull formally began in 2000 when the state of Montana and the federal governmentreached an agreement to annually decrease the herd to prevent the spread of brucellosis, though annual culls date back even further. Brucellosis, a European livestock disease originally introduced by cows, was first detected in Yellowstone buffalo in 1917.

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Image EcoWatch | Yellowstone National Park is proposing to cull 1,000 bison—mostly females and calves—from its herd this winter. Photo credit: Shutterstock

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