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Tepco Pumping 'Filtered' Fukushima Water into Pacific Ocean

Tepco Pumping 'Filtered' Fukushima Water into Pacific Ocean

850 Tons of Treated Fukushima Groundwater Dumped in Pacific

AwN | You can draw your own conclusions. Personally it seems almost guaranteed that the groundwater they just dumped in the pacific was contaminated despite being filtered but I don't really have any way of knowing that.

What the article says is that basically the fishermen were protesting to save some credibility for their damaged industry. But we are lied to so often it seems like they actually were dumping contaminated Fukushima radiation into the sea. Again, I don't know draw your own conclusions. 

850 Tons of Treated Fukushima Water Dumped Into the Pacific

"More than four years after a tsunami destroyed the plant and triggered a meltdown, the cleanup effort remains frought with numerous difficulties, including the nearly impossible task of dealing with the millions of gallons of contaminated and radioactive water—both treated and untreated—that have accumulated in thousands of tanks constructed in the shadow of the destroyed power station. On a daily basis, approximately 300 tons of groundwater are pumped to the surface to undergo treatment before being placed into storage...

They had fought to stop the water being released into the sea, even after it is filtered, but eventually bowed to pressure from TEPCO, which is struggling to find space to store the tainted supplies.

But it has yet to find a solution to deal with another highly radioactive 680,000 tons of water that was used to cool the reactors during the meltdown, which is still stored on site..."



Filtered groundwater stored in these tanks at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant was discharged into the Pacific Ocean Monday. Photo credit: KYOD

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