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Taking Vitamins, A Waste of Time?

Taking Vitamins, A Waste of Time?

Taking Vitamins, A Waste of Time?

AwN | There was a time that I thought vitamins were a good thing, but over time as I learned more and more who I was and what I believe, I stopped categorically accepting vitamins as a worthwhile food (that is what they are, right?). For the most part I agree with the following article, although I am not quite as dismissive of vitamins (supplements).  

I doubt that supplements actually harm people, but I also doubt that they do almost anything positive. The author seems to think that modern people can just eat regularly and get their nutrients, but that's where I begin to diverge from the article. I think the author greatly over estimates the nutritional content of the average american diet. I suspect most of the people who care enough, and are wealthy enough to purchase and consume vitamins, don't actually need them. Vitamins in their supplement form are wholly absent from Nature, and likely just a scam to pad someone's pockets, but then again if you look closely, most aspects of modern life are.

Put down the Emergen-C — vitamin C does not ward off colds

“Most of the things we take vitamins for don’t have much evidence behind them,” she says. “There isn’t convincing [research] showing that multivitamins will do much beyond healing serious deficiency diseases.”

That's hard to believe this in an age when Airborne and Emergen-C are readily available. Still, Price says to ignore those urges. America’s vitamin craze does little more than pad the pockets of our favorite supplement manufacturers.

The real obsession can be traced back to the ‘90s, when the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act passed. It ruled out any requirement that supplements — from Vitamin D to body building proteins to weight-loss pills — be tested for safety or efficacy. Price tells us this was passed after a tremendously expensive campaign by the supplement industry, with “lots of letter-writing and, frankly, misinformation.” 

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