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Spring Update

Spring 2016

When I started my website a little over a year ago I had a definite vision of what I wanted it to be. I have held true to what I am trying to accomplish but I have hit a few road blocks where I believe some extra knowledge will assist me with building what it is that I want to build. So I am currently very occupied with learning what it is that I need to know. I have several articles ready to go but my focus has been pretty single pointed towards the larger aim of this website.

I would love to be able to stay on top of everything but I have built the scope of my website to the point that if I can't spend my full attention in my leisure time on the maintenance and updating of it then I will fall behind in various ways. This is why I have enabled registration on the various parts of my website, so that anyone who wishes to use the tools of the internet to promote natural causes, they may do so here.


I will be adding some computer stuff soon related to being open. That is helping to relay some of the ways in which you may gain some online freedom. Open source has become an important concept for me in the way I relate the Accord with Nature to the medium of the internet. As I focus on learning how to better implement some of my ideas, I feel compelled to share a bit of what I have learned.

I will continue to be short on time due to the season, though. When it boils down to it, I am a permaculturist. I believe in the high value of my forest garden. It is just now getting to the point when I can slow the building and fully concentrate on tweaking. I have a lot of plants established and can reproduce from within rather than purchasing from outside, which is both cheaper and more sustainable. I am very focused on maintaining my access to plantings and determining where more work needs to be done. It has become a much more relaxed exercise now that many of the long term trees are established, but I still feel compelled to make the system as robust as possible so that I can realize the goal of lessening my burden on the earth and having abundant healthy food for the remainder of my days, and so that others may after I am gone.

While I could build these systems for others right now, I still feel as if I can be of most use to the world through focusing on these systems (both computer and forest) in a personal capacity, though if you catch me paying attention on social media I would be happy to help anyone with anything related to permaculture etc.

Feel free to contact me or register if you wish to contribute, and if I have an absence don't worry I am just working at something to hopefully benefit people and planet.

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