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Shell Stops Drilling and Exploration Off Alaska

Shell Stops Drilling and Exploration Off Alaska

Shell Ceases Alaskan Oil Pillage

AwN | Shell ceases drilling in arctic citing unproductive trial and unpredictable regulatory environment. Of course as usual its a mixed bag, but only if you are an Alaskan depending on the drilling for work, or the world is on the verge of an oil shortage which is seemingly not a pressing matter. As you know if you follow my blog or social media posts, I don't care much for 'global warming' debate. But hopefully you also know that I don't believe in pillaging the earth for oil. This is a wonderful sign that perhaps oil fields are getting hard enough to find that they won't be tapped as readily, and we can start moving even faster towards renewables. Of course this holds a bittersweet pill, since most renewables also stand in the way of the environment's free operation, but I'll leave that pill for another post.  

Alaska divided as Shell halts Arctic drilling: heartbreaking news or a miracle?

“...We stood on the cusp of another economic boom that could have propelled our young people and their children to better futures,” he wrote in a statement. But “a draconian and poisoned federal government” shut it down, he said.

It’s our bread and butter,” he said.Just like Alaska Natives cutting wood for heat in winter, Alaska depends on resources to survive, he said in an interview. Certainly a possible spill would be a catastrophe, but there were safeguards in place and the opportunity for Alaska’s economy was essential.

Meanwhile, environmental groups saw the news as a victory.

“I was stunned and I was wondering if it was a practical joke because it was too good to be true,” said Margaret Williams, director of the World Wildlife Fund conservation group’s US Arctic program...."

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