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Seafood Waste

Seafood Waste

Seafood Waste is Half of Production

AwN | So this report from Yale 360 indicates that half of seafood harvested is wasted. On top of that most of the waste is on the consumers end. First off lets get it straight that it is not "waste" unless it is plastic bagged and sent to the landfill. It may be 'mis-harvested' but waste is only when the nutrients are tied up and inaccesible. I am not advocating killing life that you don't intend to eat, just that the environmental impact comes primarily when life is not returned to life, but instead to plastic. 

So what can you do? Demand smaller portions? Not personally waste seafood? I don't know. Both of those have value for sure, but probably the most important thing here is to inform people of waste issues. If people learn about waste it is likely that at least occasionally they will be able to prevent waste. As the snippet from Yale points out, another option is to demand and purchase frozen seafood, as it is less prone to losses.

Read at Yale 360

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