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Pictures of the Ocean Life Overrun with your Trash

Pictures of the Ocean Life Overrun with your Trash

Ocean Trash

AwN | No one really wants to see this, but if we all just avert our eyes all the time maybe we will never get it. Maybe we will never take the steps to protect what we can't see. I know that life is hard and complex, but it will never sit ok with me that we, as a species, who thinks of itself as the greatest thing to ever happen, are so mindless and selfish in its day to day decisions. When comes the point that we take ownership of our actions and make real effort to change the way we live. It is not about forcing  others to do something, but doing something ourselves.

Scuba Divers’ Haunting Photos Show Devastating Impact of Ocean Trash on Marine Life

Ecowatch | Many of us know about the staggering levels of ocean pollution, but not all of us have seen a giant sponge sliced through by fishing line or have tugged back armfuls of trash lurking deep underwater.

Now, through a striking photo campaign, Beneath The Waves, from the Project AWARE Foundation—a global community of scuba divers who are working toward trash-free oceans—we get to see how our oceans are treated like trash dumps up close and personal, and why action must be taken immediately.

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