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Phoenix Law Bans the Puppy Mill Pet Store

Phoenix Law Bans the Puppy Mill Pet Store

Phoenix Law Dictates Commercial Pets Must Be Shelter Animals

AwN | I am a person that in general dislikes having too many laws. Yet it is often a necessity to have a law if people continuously fail to do the right thing. So while I am not to thrilled that this is a law that had to be made, it is a good rule, and should have been the appropriate actions of humans in the first place. By requiring that pet stores only retail animals that come from shelters there are should be a lot less animals created in pursuit of cash, and therefore a lot less homeless animals in general. 

My dog Japhy was a shelter dog, and he is an amazing animal. There is no doubt in my mind that a better option for a companion could not have been made via puppy mill. Having a 'pure bred' from a puppy mill offers next to no advantages, and there are plenty of dogs suffering in small boxes. When I met Japhy he was depressed and it wasn't until the moment he entered my house that I truly met him. It saddens me that someone might see an animal as a status symbol and therefore need a name brand. This law is a winner in my book. 

Judge Rules All Phoenix Pet Store Cats And Dogs Must Be Shelter Animals

"...The Phoenix law says “pet stores may only sell animals obtained from animal shelters or rescue organizations,” according to documents in the court case. It permits small-scale individual breeders to sell dogs directly to purchasers. The ordinance also prohibits carnivals and amusement parks from awarding animals as prizes, AZ Central reported when it passed.

At least 58 other U.S. cities and counties have similar laws, according to the Humane Society of the United States..." 


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