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People out of Accord with Nature 6 Days Earlier This Year

People out of Accord with Nature 6 Days Earlier This Year

Earth Overshoot Day, Sooner than Ever

AwN | Earth Overshoot day should be the saddest day of the year, but instead it goes by mostly unnoticed. It is the day that the demands of humans surpasses the ability of Earth to provide for those demands. Back in the seventies we started overshooting Earth's resources, nad last year was 6 days later than this year. This discrepancy is the single most important issue that exists, and the reason why I both created this website, and rail against all the global warming obsessions that exist. Nothing is important if humans continue to use more resources than the planet can provide. However, instead of hysteria at the coming collapse of the einvironment from ALL angles, the only somewhat consistent national story is global warming and the potential temperature over the next 10,000 years.

I hope all of you always consider what you are consuming, and its necessity. Until we radically change the way we live our lives each year will bring us closer to complete collapse of the human moderated eco-system. Youtube

Humans Have Used Up A Year's Worth Of The Earth's Resources In 8 Months

"...Less than eight months into 2015, humans have already consumed a year's worth of the Earth's resources

Ecological Debt Day, or Earth Overshoot Day, falls on Thursday and marks the point in the year when "humanity’s annual demand for the goods and services that our land and seas can provide -- fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, wood, cotton for clothing, and carbon dioxide absorption -- exceeds what Earth’s ecosystems can renew in a year," the international think tank Global Footprint Network explains in the video below..." 

Humans have already used up 2015's supply of Earth's resources – analysis

"...The date is based on a comparison of humanity’s demands – in terms of carbon emissions, cropland, fish stocks, and the use of forests for timber – with the planet’s ability to regenerate such resources and naturally absorb the carbon emitted. That implies the excess demands being placed on natural systems are doing more permanent harm that cannot be easily undone. 

The GFN estimates that human consumption first began to exceed the Earth’s capacity in the early 1970s and the overshoot day has been falling steadily earlier ever since, due to the growth in the global population alongside the expansion of consumption around the world...." 


The world’s population currently consumes the equivalent of 1.6 planets a year, according to analysis by the Global Footprint Network. Photograph: NASA

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