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How Fast Will the FDA Backtrack from Mercury Fillings

How Fast Will the FDA Backtrack from Mercury Fillings

Mercury in the Mouth | Cash in the Pocket

AwN | Mercury is one of those fun perks of modern life you so often hear about. The American Mental Association has long held that mercury is not only good for your teeth but also your brain. Ever since the days of the lush Mercury hat humans have had a very fond relationship with the not at all toxic metal. 

In all serious mercury teeth fillings is a hellish practice that deserves one of the largest class action lawsuits of all time. This article is fantastic. It talks about the current legal standing of mercury in the mouth as approved by the FDA. If you're interested in the rate at which the American Dental Association and the FDA backtrack away from mercury then check out this article...  

Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit

Absolutely and I told them I hope they do get huge class-action lawsuits and some day they will because they would not walk away from it. They had their chance and they continued to give this nonsensical stuff about how mercury exposure is okay as long as they do it. It is just outrageous. It is morally outrageous and they know it.

The scientific reports that they produce are cooked. They are unethical. They have no scientific aspect. They are simply PR machines where they find some dentist – not a real scientist but just their fellow dentists to write reports. It is an effort to say we are going to protect ourselves, we are going to have our government do it, the government is going to do it for us, and the FDA is about as compliant a government agency as ever existed. 

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