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Growing Number of Cities Suing Monsanto

Growing Number of Cities Suing Monsanto

Oakland, San Jose, and San Diego Join Fight Against Monsanto

AwN | Back in August, 2015 Spokane Washington sued Monsanto and now more cities are taking Monsanto to task. Westport, Spokane, Oakland, San Jose, and San Diego have begun litigation against Monsanto for decades old PCB usage. While Monsanto made massive profits from PCBs and was eventually forced to discontinue usage, many cities have been left with persistent and expensive messes to clean up. Now cash strapped cities are beginning to wake up and realize it is not their responsibility to deal with corporate pollutants.

Monsanto released this statement to the San Diego Union Tribune, “I can tell you that Monsanto is not responsible for the costs alleged in this matter; it is important to remember that the [company] first notified its customers and then voluntarily stopped manufacturing … after confirming scientific research,” A statement which basically says that while they knew the harm their product was causing problems, rather than cease manufacture and distribution imediately, they dragged the process out as long as possible (confirming with their own scientific research...) Of course there is question as to how much earlier Monsanto knew about the harm of their product, but all indications are that Monsanto knew early on that there were problems with PCBs.

Lawsuit to Hold Corporate America Responsible

Courts traditionally have protected corporations but a recent verdict against lead-paint manufacture has excited advocates for corporate responsibility. These lawsuits against Monsanto are very important lawsuits to keep an eye on, and to make known far and wide. The more pressure placed on the courts by public opinion the more pressure judges and legislatures will have to take seriously the need to hold corporations responsible for the toxins they create. Stay tuned, and tell your friends. 



Monsanto lawsuits unnerve corporate America

SDUT | In a move that might give corporate America chills, a San Diego-led legal team is testing a strategy aimed at expanding companies’ liability for cleaning up pollutants — even if those companies didn’t directly spill or release the toxins.

The attorneys’ target is the St. Louis-based corporation Monsanto, which makes everything from pesticides to genetically modified seeds. In lawsuits filed on behalf of San Diego and a growing number of cities, they’re seeking untold millions from Monsanto for remediation projects, including dredging of tainted sediment in San Diego Bay and efforts to address stormwater contamination in the city.

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San Jose Sues Monsanto over Pollution in San Francisco Bay

SJinside | The city of San Jose has sued Monsanto Company and two related corporations over chemical pollution in the San Francisco Bay.

Filed a month ago in the U.S. District Court in California’s Northern District, the suit lists defendants as Monsanto, its chemical manufacturing offshoot Solutia Inc. and Pharmacia Corporation, another Monsanto spinoff now owned by Pfizer.

San Jose claims these companies are liable for fouling the bay with polychlorinated biphenyls—commonly called PCBs. Monsanto manufactured and sold the toxic chemicals under the name Aroclor from the 1930s to 1970s, despite knowing the harm it could have on the environment and people, according to the lawsuit.

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Oakland sues Monsanto for ‘long-standing contamination’ of San Francisco Bay

RT | Agrochemical giant Monsanto knowingly contaminated Oakland’s storm water and the San Francisco Bay with a highly toxic chemical for decades, a new lawsuit filed by the California city claims. Oakland wants the company to pay for the environmental cleanup.

The State Water Resources Control Board determined that the presence of highly toxic polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) in Oakland’s storm water threatens the San Francisco Bay’s ecosystem and interferes with the bay’s use and enjoyment by Californians, the city said in a statement.

PCBs were widely used for five decades to insulate electronics and were incorporated into paints, caulks and other building materials until they were banned by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1979. Despite the 36-year prohibition, the chemicals are a common environmental contaminant in water and in the tissues of marine life all the way up the food chain to humans.

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Image | Over the years, various parties have paid for dredging of sediment in San Diego Bay that's tainted with PCBs. / photo by John Gibbins * U-T | San Diego Union Tribune

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