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Filling the Reservoir with Plastic... A Solution or a Problem?

Filling the Reservoir with Plastic... A Solution or a Problem?

City of Los Angeles Fills Water Source with Plastic

AwN | The City of Los Angeles has released 96 Million plastic balls into their reservoir in hopes to combat drought. That will be 96 million black plastic balls soaking up the Southern Californian sun and releasing their various petro-chemicals slowly but surely into the veins of Californians. Generally covering the water in such a situation as the everlong Californian drought, is a good idea, but I have to question the value of not only purchasing 96 million plastic balls, (not because of the money, but the environmental impact).

Why not float solar Panels?

There are fairly stable plastics, and I'll freely admit that I am not an expert on every chemical that is cleaved off by the sun in every type of plastic product, but I would have to wonder if putting a bunch of plastic in the sun, in the water reserve, is really a good idea. After 10 years the 35 Million dollar balls will need to be replaced, and you would have to consider why? Is the cleaving off of plastic particles suddenly an issue at 10 years or is that when the problem becomes visible rather than a trickle.

I have to applaud a proactive stance, but while people scream about global warming and climate change out of one side of their mouth, once again here they are supposedly causing climate change with their solutions. So I'll leave you with this, Why not float solar panels instead?

In California, Millions of ‘Shade Balls’ Combat a Nagging Drought

"Facing a long-term water crisis, officials concerned with preserving a reservoir in Los Angeles hatched a plan: They would combat four years of drought with 96 million plastic balls.

...Mr. Garcetti said that the dark balls would help block sunlight and UV rays that promote algae growth, which would help keep the city’s drinking water safe. Officials also said the balls would help slow the rate of evaporation, which drains the water supply of about 300 million gallons a year. The balls cost $0.36 each and are part of a $34.5 million initiative to protect the water supply....

...The Los Angeles Reservoir, which holds 3.3 billion gallons, or enough water to supply the city for up to three weeks, joins three other reservoirs already covered in the shade balls, officials said. They are also being used in nearby areas. In the video below, officials from the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District released a batch of the balls into a reservoir in June...." 

"But the shade balls – which now total 96 million and cover three other reservoirs – have cost the city a spectacular amount of money, coming in at just under $35 million.

Los Angeles is the first city in the US to use shade balls, which city officials say should last about 10 years. After that date, they will be removed, recycled, and replaced, the LADWP said." 

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