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Double Speak from the Commander in Chief | Drill Baby Drill

Double Speak from the Commander in Chief | Drill Baby Drill

Double Speak from the Commander in Chief | Go Ahead Shell Drill the Arctic

New Link: Environmentalists Blast Obama's Decision to Let Shell Drill in Arctic

New Link: Obama's approval of Arctic drilling 'undermines his climate message'

“It is very difficult for Barrack Obama or anybody else to say, ‘look we take this completely seriously, this is the greatest problem the world’s ever faced but it’s OK to go ahead and start drilling a whole new oil field up in the Arctic.’ Those two things are at odds,” McKibben told a conference on fossil fuel divestment in Parison Tuesday.

Original Post:

AwN | I find it odd that people ever defend or endorse politicians. It seems so obvious that whatever side you are on in politics is wrong. Case in point the educated Obama supporters and their well thought out detailed arguments of how great Obama is and how thoroughly uneducated and stupid republicans are, is just as much nonsense as is the republicans acting like Obama is some sort of devil. Facts are facts and that is the American Presidency is an unconditional farse. A while back I had hopes for Obama but in the end all we get is more double speak.

Again, I have to say, not myself, but everyone else is so obsessed with global warming (usually not obsessed enough to use less resources). Particuarly the educated scientific democrats who here proof that knowledge is never enough to overcome sloth, and gluttony. They still support Obama for the most part even after not delivering on several or many of his promises depending on how you look at it. But where he is consistent in rhetoric (Global warming fear mongering) he is inconsistent in action. How many times have we heard how great of a test global warming is, (a test which the teacher is now failing?) As I have said many times that global warming seems as if it is merely a way to free up the most prolific useful resource humanity has discovered to date, for the people at the top. By convincing people that the planet will get hotter and hotter indefinitely forever if they continue to use an abundance of oil, they can concentrate money into green energy projects of their choosing, charge the eager public for expensive energy, and retain the real resource for the military industrial complex. It is not rocket science. I do not even mean to say that global warming is untrue, what I do know is that the militaries of the world in the end will burn all they can extract efficiently should their need arise, (which history says it will).

So I am not surprised one bit that the president has approved drilling in the arctic, despite all his global warming fear mongering and imperatives, sad but true.... PS This is not a political website but an Apolitical website, I could not care whether this was a republican, democrat, or independant, the facts are merely the facts and Nature needs a say. I have located this petition if you wish to contact Shell's CEO

President Obama Gives Shell Final Approval to Drill in the Arctic

"Yesterday, President Obama said climate change puts Alaska at the “front lines of one of the greatest challenges we face this century,” and yet today he approvedShell’s plans to drill for oil in the Alaskan Arctic. The President cannot have it both ways. Announcing a tour of Alaska to highlight climate change the day before giving Shell the final approval to drill in the Arctic ocean is deeplyhypocritical.

This approval means the Obama administration is leaving the fate of the Arctic up to Shell this summer. But that doesn’t mean the future of the Arctic has to be in Shell’s hands." 

"President Barack Obama" by Official White House Photo by Pete Souza - P120612PS-0463 (direct link). Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

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