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Confrontational Resistance in Wild Amazon

Confrontational Resistance in Wild Amazon

The Ka'apor  (Kayapo | Caiapóof Brazil Fight for Their Forests

AwN | This is an interesting article about the Kayapo people and their fight against deforestation. The Ka'apor use direct confrontation along with modern technology to stop loggers from stealing their trees. So far no loggers have been killed but the people of Ka'apor have suffered a few deaths. In general however the people of Ka'apor are winning. Often when loggers don't accept a kind invitation to leave they are stripped and beaten. 

The use of violence is always a touchy subject, unless you are an official organization sanctioned by an official government, sanctioned by the fear of power and violence. I am a non-violent person, I respect and appreciate all forms of non-violence, but I also don't really expect it to win in all situations. I also have a great deal of respect for a people who have the desire to fight not only for themselves and their livelihood but the natural world. In all fairness these people are doing what they think they need to do to survive, and yet these are people who also have accepted their lives as part of the forest, so much so that they actually understand (unlike our society) that they need the forest for their survival. 

This article says that the Ka'apor have sought support from NGO's and media, and yet I did not see any way to donate. For myself I believe this to be a great cause if you believe in global warming, if you believe in indigenous rights, or if you just believe that a people being squashed by corporations have a right to stand up for themselves despite nearly complete lack of support from their government. If anyone knows how to donate to this group please inform me through social media or e-mail etc. 

The Amazon tribe protecting the forest with bows, arrows, GPS and camera traps

"Logging trucks and tractors that encroach upon their territory – the 530,000-hectare Alto Turiaçu Indigenous Land – are intercepted and burned. Drivers and chainsaw operators are warned never to return. Those that fail to heed the advice are stripped and beaten.

It is dangerous work. Since the tribe decided to manage their own protection in 2011, they say the theft of timber has been reduced, but four Ka’apor have been murdered and more than a dozen others have received death threats.

Now the Ka’apor are seeking support through NGOs and the media. Earlier this month, the Guardian was among a first group of foreign journalists and Greenpeace activists who were invited to see how they live and operate."

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The Guardian 

Tracking trees: How one Amazon Indigenous community is using tech to fight illegal logging

"For the Ka’apor people of Brazil, protecting the Amazon rainforest isn’t just about climate change or wildlife. It is about survival.

As one community leader explains, “It's in the forest that lies our life. Without the forest, we are not the Ka'apor. 'Ka'apor' means 'forest dwellers' and this is why we must defend it.” 

Lately, their land has needed a lot of defence. The Ka’apor live in a fragment of the Amazon rainforest—the Alto Turiaçu Indigenous Land—that is surrounded by deforestation. And that fragment has been shrinking as the global appetite for Amazon timber grows."



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