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Climate Science Fails to See the Whole Picture, Yet Again

Climate Science Fails to See the Whole Picture, Yet Again

Climate Science Fails to See the Whole Picture, Yet Again

AwN | I like to poke fun at the climate authoritarians, those who believe they know everything, and or the future. No matter how many ways I explain to them they usually just ignore me and say words like "consensus" and I am a "climate denier" as if such a thing was possible. In the end I don't believe or disbelieve in Carbon and its "Greenhouse effect." I also don't believe or disbelieve the data that is claimed to prove the world is heating at catastrophic proportions. What I generally argue is that we don't know the future, we don't control the data collection, and most of us couldn't necessarily understand what we were looking at even if we had pristine and exact data. So this little snippet from Yale 360 is fun for me. The idea that there is another variable we haven't accounted for and which obviously has an impact on our climate predictions.

In this instance it has been measured that the arctic sea coming to life has the effect of 200 square miles of tropical rainforest as far as carbon sequestration. It is just another example of humans thinking they know everything, and then as reality whacks them in the face changing their opinions. It is similar to the "polar vortex" that has been making north eastern United States winters colder recently. Everybody knows exactly what the mid to distant future holds, but no one predicted the polar vortex, and if so it certainly wasn't a 'consensus'. Yet there it is, right in front of them, the polar vortex, a simple next year phenomena that they could not predict.

And just to be clear so that you don't get the wrong idea of me, what I endorse and believe. I do not believe we should burn fuel with wreckless abandon. I think we need to be far more responsible with all energy, all pollutants, all toxins etc. But to simply hang your hat on "climate change" as the preeminant issue is irresponsible... there are way too many issues to deal primarily with one that is so complicated we couldn't possibly predict it exactly.


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"Icefishuk". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

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