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Outsourced Air Pollution in China

Outsourced Air Pollution in China

Outsourced Pollution and China's Own Ailment Kill 4,000 per Day

AwN | As an American I feel like we often like to congratulate ourselves for cleaning up certain aspects of our environment over the last 40 years. But I think that if we stop patting ourselves on our own backs for a few minutes and look at the matter critically, we will find that all that has happened is that America has outsourced its pollution to China. Worse than that, we have enslaved ourselves to cheap plastic goods, and still breathe the remnants of Chinese air pollution as it wafts around the world.

For a while now the industry segment of America has been on the wane. Fewer and fewer things are made in America. This makes it easier to keep the environment clean, but what happens if people still want to consume as many objects as possible, the way they did before factory production in America was shut down? Well we can now see that the smog has merely been shifted to China. Americans have not in any way cut down the amount they consume, and yet we believe we have made some sort of giant strides by outsourcing both our jobs and our pollution to other countries. So this report, among others I have seen, that 4,000 people a day die from air pollution in China, does not come as any surprise to me. 

Air pollution in China is killing 4,000 people every day, a new study finds

"...The University of California, Berkeley, calculated about 1.6 million people in China die each year from heart, lung and stroke problems because of incredibly polluted air, especially small particles of haze. Earlier studies put the annual Chinese air pollution death toll at one to two million but this is the first to use newly released air monitoring figures.

To put Chinese air pollution in perspective, the most recent American Lung Association data shows that Madera, California, has the highest annual average for small particles in the United States. But 99.9% of the eastern half of China has a higher annual average for small particle haze than Madera, Rohde said...." 


Smoke rising from a chimney of a steel plant in Fengnan, Hebei province. Air pollution is reportedly killing about 4,000 people a day in China. Photograph: Petar Kujundzic/REUTERS

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