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Four Free Hand Night Sycamore Shots with Moon

Four Free Hand Night Sycamore Shots with Moon

Sycamore with Moon at Night

AwN | I shot these pictures freehand, because I didn't have a tripod with me. I almost always shoot without use of a tripod as I am almost always on the move when I photograph. If you have ever shot freehand at night you will recognize that these pictures are quite clear, otherwise you may think they are blurry, it is relative of course!

 The Sycamore | Briefing

The sycamore is not one of my favorite trees really, because it is not very useful to humans. Though it does have uses it is mainly a beautiful tree. But since it is so large I wouldn't really plant one around my house. Also fast growing trees tend to drop large limbs and so it should be planted with care. I really like the way this tree looks though, and you can spot if from a mile away. The white inner bark and the peeling brownish outer bark are extremely distinctive, as are the brown fibrous seed balls. Go find a sycamore near you!

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