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Build Build Build

Build Build Build

Today | Free Form | Building

I am getting closer to completing the original idea of Accord with Nature and that is the passing of the baton from my beliefs to that of the eco mass known as nothing. Know it as something. That is, know it as the Accord with Nature. 

Accord with Nature is the belief that humanity has gone too far from natural principles, even too far from human nature. And we all see it: The destruction wrought by humanity all around us. And so I build build build, but mostly dream. And I get these ideas, like how to fix it (the world). And I am working on it, and we will have it. It is so detailed, and yet so simple. Do that which Accords with Nature, and stop doing that which does not. But how can we know? 

How to enforce? How to legislate? Yet, there, right there, you only have put it on others, when it is on you. Are you prepared to accept responsibility for the planet?

The world is a vampire, we know this. The nobility of all will be shot to skit when the tides lift the boats and toss them around in stormy seas. Few can survive the onslaiught of constant undulating waves. As they become sheltered and decrepit the elite move from ideals and they move on to more efficient ways to abuse the locals. 

Accord with Nature is the belief not in the viciousness of the natural indifference of the universe, but in its coupling with the human nature of cooperation and love. Ample evidence exists that people are cooperative. What is needed is a way to organize the placid from the viscious. A way to discern the new way from the old way. The moral support to follow the path of  the Accord, and the continued reassurance that our actions have impact. 

What the heck am I talking about?

I have been swamped. Working nearly 18 hour days to produce and build. The production is for my own naural skills and sustainability (farming and woodwork mostly), but the building is always here (http/www/com) for the benefit of us all. I have built these websites for the purpose of creating an alternative. To channel the directionless efforts of the average internet user into something which changes the world.

I absolutely love to shed light on ecological and certain social issues that arise (here on It is awesome to help these causes whenever I can, but my goal here is much bigger. I have sought you not for niche issues but to save the world from the root to the thinnest leaf. I hear demands all the time, but we are nearly always defeated by a lack of cohesiveness. I want to bring cohesion to the ecological and social movements and through the full force of the AwN dictate the path thisi planet follows. I take my pledge as the steward of this with great seriousness. I believe there is value in the profitability of the ecological movement. I am not here to mislead... Accord with Nature is fully comfortable with profit motive, in fact I believe it is the major reason ecological movements fail.  

I believe there are several steps to this process, but I am nearly complete with the basis after about a year of doing this, all while managing to keep up with my own efforts in sustainability. I hope all of you will continue on to the and consider deeply what it is that you are reading. It is time to stop making demands, and start taking actions, and basing those actions on sound principles, the principles of an Accord with Nature.


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