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Big Berried Alien Fruit Flowered Dogwood

Big Berried Alien Fruit Flowered Dogwood

Japanese Dogwood

My Big Berried Alien Fruit Dogwood is one of my favorite trees. And yet there was a short period when I almost considered cutting it down for more sun. Every year the Dogwood gives a fantastic show of flowers followed by a big berry with little protruding stickers that ruin the external texture. The inside of the ripe fruit is very good, but the seed of minor significance, and that makes this a borderline useful fruit. However, when the chimpmunks eat all your peaches, its good to know there will be a good amount of high quality pulp available at the dogwood tree.

Cornus Kousa

This tree is growing perfectly in a highly shaded area along with mints, hostas, autumn olive, marshmallow, kiwi, shisandra, apios americana, and blueberries. It is in the understory of red maple, ash, and red oak. The plant pays for its way with its showy flowers, abundant flowers, and abundant berries even in semi-shade condition. Most plants and animals seem to cooperate with this tree, except that some animal seems to strip some bark while marking, cleaning, or scratching. I have a feeling it is birds, but it could be a small rodent. 

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